Terms and Privacy Policy


- Overview of FranNavigator and the purpose of the website.
- User's agreement to comply with the terms and conditions.

User Conduct:

- Guidelines for acceptable use of the website.
- Prohibition of abusive, illegal, or harmful behavior.
- Intellectual property rights and limitations on content usage.

Limitation of Liability:

- Disclaimer of warranties and limitations on liability.
- Clarification on the website's informational nature and the user's responsibility for their actions.

Governing Law:

- Specification of the governing laws and jurisdiction in case of disputes.
- Agreement to resolve disputes through arbitration or mediation.


- Severability clause (If any part of the terms is deemed unenforceable, the rest remains valid).
- Changes to the terms and notice provisions for updates.
- Contact information for inquiries or concerns about the terms.

Privacy Policy


- Information about FranNavigator's commitment to user privacy.
- Explanation of the types of data collected and the purpose of collecting it.

Data Collection:

- Details on the types of personal information collected (e.g., name, email, IP address).
- Methods of data collection (cookies, forms, etc.).
- Purpose of data collection and how it's used (personalization, communication, analytics).

Data Protection:

- Information on how FranNavigator safeguards user data (encryption, secure servers, etc.).
- Third-party access and disclosure of personal information (partners, service providers, etc.).

User Rights:

- Explanation of user rights regarding their data (access, rectification, deletion).
- Process for users to exercise their rights (contact details, forms, etc.).

Cookie Policy:

- Information about the use of cookies and similar technologies.
- Explanation of cookie types, purposes, and user consent options.

Updates and Changes:

- Notification about updates to the Privacy Policy.
- Timely notice to users about changes and their effective date.


- Compliance with international data protection laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.).
- Contact information for privacy-related inquiries or concerns.

For inquiries please contact our compliance team, compliance@FranNavigator.com